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Random Thoughts of a Lioness

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This is me. Like it or not. 'I have long since come to believe that people never mean half of what they say, and it is best to disregard their talk and judge only their actions' - Dorothy Day, 1952

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A new home to call our own

After 7 years of living in that cute little apartment of mine, we left the place with all its memories (both good and not-so-good ones) and re-start our lives in a new place we call home.

We started out looking for a place about 2 years ago, when Lil Cub started running around the apartment and knocked into things (yes, our old place was REALLY penuh!). And Buster, as the 'provider', believes that he needs to buy the family a house, instead of continue living in an apartment under my name (male ego I tell you!).

So the house hunting began. We went around, from within our SD vicinity up to Shah Alam 2. We had so many we liked, but other factors played a role - distance, convenience etc. We almost finalised a sale for a semi-D in Paya Jaras (hahaha, don't ask me why) but had buyers' remorse a day after and begged them for our 5k back (which they did return nicely). Finally it boiled down to 2 houses - one the one I liked, another the one Buster loved.

Fast forward a month later, we finalised the purchase of Buster's dream house. But boy oh boy, lots had to be done. The place is about 20yrs old, and everything looked...well..20yrs old. But it was near everything - a mosque 200m metres away, walking distance to schools, various food places, and 10 mins drive to a few shopping malls. But we did not have the finances at the time so everything was put on hold.

The moment I was preggers with Cub Adik, I begged Buster to rejuvenate our OPeration Rumah Baru. I went to see an architect friend of mine and got him to assist with our reno. We loved his designs, and he said he may get to finish the place by the time I deliver. Which was perfect la kan? But when we got his qoutes, it was really high and whenever we called him to re-discuss the plan, he was never available.

We then turned our old trusty contractor, Jack. The reno took longer than we expected, butgiven the fact that we are paying him in looong instalments and all, it didn't matter. He kept to his words though, we moved in before puasa 2010.

16th July marked the day we 'officially' moved in and slept in this house WE bought. Together. The next day our families came to 'warm' the house. It felt surreal to be in our new place!

It has been almost a month now. The house is still filled with boxes and looks rather bare, but we will take our time.

Here's to creating new memories...


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